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“Mistery ” is  cinematic-hollywood sounding  track perfect for short or large films, creating a  confusion or mistery sensations, composed with a piano primary melody with some of a traditional orchestra instruments as cellos , violas, or basses and some other delicate instruments as glockenspiel, celesta that helps creating that  mistery, horror, or suspense emotions.

Tempo: 120 bpm


Length: 1:33


Tags: distorted, confusion, background, short film, large film, peaceful, piano, mistery, suspense,  cinematic, , zimmer,  hollywood, amazing, cellos, violins, film,  industry, modern, horror, ambient, orchestra, envolving, celesta, glockenspiel , halloween, commercial, advertising, royalty free music, game music, background music, game assets, assets, asset, developer, music, online music, marketing, marketing music, music promotion, music promotion companies, music publicity, band promotion, music business, the music business


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