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1.3 We are the performers and authors of the full catalogue in WWW.AUDIOMUSICMARKET.COM.

1.4 AUDIOMUSICMARKET offers to the customer the best royalty free audio tracks in digital format that can be use under the terms of the license acquired.

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2.1 AUDIOMUSICMARKET will take actions to prevent our particular copyright  infringement of the use in the works available on WWW.AUDIOMUSICMARKET.COM.



3.1 WWW.AUDIOMUSICMARKET.COM reserves the right to cancel or suspend any user accounts if there is any problem , repeated accounts …. without any notification.

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4.1 AUDIOMUSICMARKET is a modern website that offers you listen all the works before buying , clicking the icon or picture give you access to detailed information about the track that you wish to buy and the license that suits your needs.

4.2 Downloading tracks – You will get the in a compressed format ( ZIP ) that you can download in a link that you,ll receive in your e-mail account.

If you can not download the track due to technical problems contact us and we will solve it the soonest possible.

4.3 Previews – You can download the previews of the tracks for evaluation purposes only , any other use of a preview is strictly prohibited.

If the Terms of use of previews are violated will be subject to legal prosecution.



We only get personal information that users provide to our website with their consent . AUDIOMUSICMARKET will not share or sell that kind of information to third parties.



6.1 The tracks that we offer in our website are protected by the Spanish copyright laws , Directive 2001/29/CE Parliament and the Council of May 22, 2001 , EUCD ( European Union Copyright Directive ).

6.2 Customers of AUDIOMUSICMARKET catalog only acquire a license to use the tracks in accordance with the terms of the kind of license that they have choose , that does,to involve to get any intellectual property rights of the licensed tracks which always remain under the protection of copyright laws and in property of AUDIOMUSICMARKET.

6.3 Buying an AUDIOMUSICMARKET license at its full price, the customer does not get a non-exclusive and non-transferable that can be use for private or commercial purposes for a work or project . The customer will obtain unlimited usage in terms of time and all around the world.



7.1 The currency by default to acquire any kind of license is US dollar

7.2 You will get your tracks paying via Paypal website.

7.3 If there is any item with incorrect price or incorrect information , AUDIOMUSICMARKET reserves the right to cancel or reverse the purchase even if the payment is done.

If this happen AUDIOMUSICMARKET will return all the money paid via Paypal for the item.

7.4 All items in AUDIOMUSICMARKET include taxes so the prices are final.



8.1 AUDIOMUSICMARKET does not assure the continuity of the website due to technical problems.

8.2 AUDIOMUSICMARKET is not responsible of any damage or error in customers personal computer.

8.3 AUDIOMUSICMARKET doesnt assume any kind of responsibility from cyber-attacks against our website and causing damage by third parties.

8.4 The liability of AUDIOMUSICMARKET is not under responsibility for the of accuracy , legality , veracity of the items caused by third parties.



9.1 AUDIOMUSICMARKET doesnt assure that the items in our website can not have some kind of error in mixing or mastering , editing , viruses or malicious code, in a given situation AUDIOMUSICMARKET will make the possible to solve the problem .

9.2 Customer must review the item once is downloaded to check if there is any kind of error or damage.

9.3 AUDIOMUSICMARKET will replace the defective item , never cancel the order or return the money paid.